Coffee Styles

A coffee from un caffé is an amalgamation of exclusive Arabica blends, superior brewing expertise and a passion for service. The result is an espresso, in all its derivative forms, that possesses subtle yet critical differences, making it a truly unique un caffé experience.


A ‘restricted shot’ of espresso, a Ristretto is made with significantly less water than a standard espresso. The result is a concentrated shot of flavour.


The Espresso is a short pour made from hot water pumped through grinds. The result is an intense coffee reflecting the true flavour and character of the un caffé blend.


‘Macchiato’ literally meaning ‘stained’, refers to the dash of creamy milk in this espresso. Traditionally served in an espresso cup.


A shot of un caffé espresso served in a larger cup with creamy steamed milk and finished with the trademark un caffé ‘stripe’ of French chocolate on top.

Long black

A longer version of the ‘Espresso’, the Long Black is slightly more diluted-with additional hot water.

Caffè latté

Served in a latte glass, an espresso with creamy milk poured at the perfect temperature. The result is a sweet, subtle blend that is ready to be enjoyed on delivery.

Short latte

Comparable to the standard latte but with a greater ratio of espresso to milk.

Flat white

A stronger no-nonsense espresso with creamy milk poured in.

Hot chocolate

Rich French chocolate and sugar mixed with creamy milk in a larger cup. Finished with the trademark un caffé chocolate ‘stripe’ to blend and accentuate the flavour.


Coffee and chocolate cappuccino.

Vienna coffee

Espresso with milk and cream.

Vienna chocolate

Hot French chocolate with cream on top.